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Why outsource album design?

For many photographers, there comes a point in their careers when simply doing everything themselves becomes unprofitable. Album design is one such activity that can occupy an enormous amount of time and effort. Its not just the initial design. Add together the total time to work on revisions and sending layout previews to your clients and soon, youll realize that designing albums can be cost and time prohibitive.

Can I really afford to outsource album design?

Its all about opportunity costs. What would you do with the extra time away from the computer? Shoot more weddings? Work on marketing to acquire more customers? Spend time with the family? Or simply relax and give yourself a break? What is the value that you place on these activities? Our design fees start in the low $200s this fee can be completely recoverable if you up-sell a few album pages to your clients.

Will your designs match my style?

This is a legitimate concern, but one that we can easily addess. As a boutique design shop, we specialize in working closely with photographers in learning and adapting to their particular design needs. We design specifically to compliment your photography style. In fact, if you already have previous studio albums we can even simulate your existing designs so that your clients will not notice any changes in design styles. Our designers have extensive experience in evaluating photos and determining how to best use images in album designs. Were confident that our designs can match and exceed the quality of your existing album designs.

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