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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ sections below answers most of the commonly asked questions regarding our album design services. If you cannot find your answers below, please feel free to send us an email or give s a call!

  • How do I convey my particular design style and preferences to your company?

    • Your client hired you because of your artistic vision and expertise - We will work with you to enhance your vision on each page.
    • The design layout should enhance and not distract from the photography and the story that is being told.
    • Every album is unique - some weddings are short, some clients want to have a number of formals in their album, some albums will have lots of photos - others will highlight a specific selection. We can design a great custom album design layout to meet any criteria.
    • We listen to your specific likes and dislikes and keep those in mind when designing for you - some photographers love negative space, others like a more layered look, some people love color, while some of our other clients prefer just a clean, white look... etc.
    • We respect that each of your clients has their own unique tastes and personalities - We believe a great album not only reflects your style and expression - but also is one that your client feels is truly theirs and makes them happy every time they look at it.
  • Can you design similar to my existing album designs?
    • Yes, upload a sample pdf design to your account. We will design something similar to that.
  • Do you do any enhancements to my photos during the design process?

    • Yes, we do enhance your photos to tell a story with your images.
  • How do you maintain consistent designs for all the albums I submit to your company?

    • We do our best to assign the same designer for all your albums. Any preferences that you communicate to us are saved on file as well.

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