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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding our services.  If your question is not here, send us an e-mail.

  • What does your company do?
    • We provide customized album design services for professional photographers. Photographers submit their images to us, and we design the album layouts for them.
  • How can you help me save time and money?
    • The entire album design process (including creating the initial layout and making revisions for your clients) can take many hours in front of the computer. We take care of the entire design workflow and send you the final files that you can submit directly to your album company.
  • How do I get started?
    • Register yourself to create an account, provide your album design specifications and upload your images.
  • Do you work with international customers?
    • Yes. We are based in the United States, but we work with photographers from around the world.
  • How are you different from other companies offering album design services?
    • We interact personally with photographers so that the designs reflect their individual taste and style.
    • We provide you with the high-resolution jpeg files once your design is approved.
    • Our designs are contemporary and competitive; our service is fast and efficient.

Q. Do you work with private individuals? 
A: No, we work only with professional photographers and studios. If you would like to have us design your wedding album, click here to tell your photographer about us.

Q: How do I get a price list? 

A: We provided price lists to professional Photographers only. Send an e-mail with your studio name, website URL and e-mail address to info@cjgraphy.com. A complete price list with ordering instructions will be sent via e-mail.

Q: Who will design my album?

A: We have a staff of trained artists and color correction specialists. Custom retouching is available for an extra fee. Call customer service for

Q: With so many designers, how do you ensure consistency? 

A: Each photographer is assigned to a regular designer who knows what the specific needs of their individual clients are.  The average designer has been with our company for 2 years.  Our designers share their progress with each other at staff meetings, and function as a team.  A design team manager reviews each completed design, before it is submitted for your review.

Q: How should I prepare my files?

A: Submit images in the RGB color space. To ensure that the photos are placed in the order that you prefer - please give your files a logical numerical naming sequence.

Here is a PDF file with detailed instructions for file submission. File submission instructions PDF

hoe to name your files image

Q: Do you Print and Bind the album?

A:  We are not engaged in the printing sector, but on special request we can print the album for you.

Q: Can I add my brand name/logo to the album?

A: You can have your logo incorporated into your album design. This is a great way to finish a last page in a vendor sample.

branding your photo company

Q. Can I request a design style or theme of my own?
A: Yes, our design services are fully customizable. We gladly welcome special requests and all our album designs are unique, we do not use templates.

Q. Do you only design albums for weddings?
A: No, we design albums for any occasion such as anniversaries, newborns/babies, graduations, family reunions, engagement sessions and even guest books.

Q. Can you design for any album manufacture/ binder like AsukaBook, GraphiStudio, etc.?
A: Yes, we can design for any album manufacturer/ binder as long as we know the specifics of the album dimensions.

Q. Can you send finished files directly to the album manufacturer/binder?
A: We do not provide this service as yet. As some companies require sensitive account information such as user name and password, so we leave that up to you. If album companies require an order form to be filled out along with design submission we are not able to do so.

Q. How do I get started?
A: Simply register an account from the registration page. All the necessary details including FTP account information will send you. That's all!
Click here to Register.

Q. How long does it take to complete design work for an album?
A: Designs are usually ready for proofing within 7 business days for an album of 20 pages/spreads (40sides).

Q. How many revisions are allowed after I see my initial design?
A: You are allowed up to 3 revisions for each page at no cost. Thereafter, a minimum of $1 would be charged for per spread.

Q. What file formats do you accept?
A: You should submit only RGB JPEGs. We do not process RAW files.

Q. Do I need to pay any extra fee for photo enhancement, color correction and removing blemishes in the photos?
A: No, all the basic photo enhancements, color corrections and removing blemishes are included for all the photos used in the album design at no extra cost.

Q. Can I suggest the photos that I wanted in Black & White or in Sepia in the album pages?
A: Yes, we can design your album according to your preferences, whether certain images should be in B&W or sepia or anything else that enhances the overall album design.

Q. How many images do you recommend for an album?
A: Our typical design uses five to seven images per spread. So, for a typical 15- spread album, we would recommend approx. 75 to 105 images. (Please keep in mind that the more photos you submit, the "busier" the design becomes.) 

Q. Can I use any other method to send the images to you other than using FTP or upload images through the internet?
A: Yes, you can also post your image CD/DVD to us. But for faster delivery we recommend to use FTP or upload images through the internet.
Click here for ordering information.

Q. What type of payment is accepted?
A: We accept all major credit cards via "Paypal" or you can also transfer through "Western Union Money Transfer". Payments in full must be received before the final high resolution files of album design would be released.

Q. Can I send a lump sum amount to you in order to avoid the transaction fee charged by the banker?
A: Yes, you can send any amount to us, all the amount that you send to us will be credited into your account. You can later use this amount for paying upcoming album designs. (You can track you account balances from your account section)

Q. How should I name my images?
A: To ensure that the photos are placed in the order that you prefer - please give your files a logical numerical naming sequence.

Q. How do I submit files to your company?
A: You can send the files in digital format using our FTP service. You may also choose to use the standard mailing services in order to send disks to us.

Q. How many images should I provide? Can I submit more images and you will pick the images for me?
A: Providing us with more images than needed is very important for flexibility in designing the album. Our typical design uses 2 to 5 images per spread. For example, for a typical 30 spreads album, we need to dispose approx. 100 - 150 images.
You can split the images into folders named for example "must-have" and "optional".

Q. When & how is payment made for CJGraphy Album Design services?
A: The payment is based on 50% initial deposit and the rest of 50% when you'll agree with the final version of the album. All credit cards are accepted. If you need to send a business check, this is also accepted. We will send you an email confirmation of your order letting you know that we've charged your credit card.

Q. Can you design similar to my existing album designs?
A: Yes, just send us samples of your existing designs, and we'll do our best to create the album using your design style.

Q. Will my clients know someone else designed their album?
A: No, because you will send the designs to your clients.

Q. How do I go about submitting images to have my album designed with?
A: Images can be sent to us via DVD or FTP for a faster, more convenient transfer if needed.  If shipping a DVD, we highly recommend making a copy of your original DVD of images, so there are no risks involved, nor do you have to worry about them being misplaced or lost in the mail.  Local clients are welcome to drop of their DVD of images and we will return them promptly once the album is completed. (otherwise, we'll mail back your DVD of images along with the album once complete).

Q. How many images can I select for the album?
A: The number of images that can be used in an album does vary slightly depending on which album is selected, however are not far from each other.  Due to the fact we want your album to be professional looking, creative & elegant, we normally follow a general guideline 2.5 images per page as an average for the album.  Some page spreads may have 8-10 images, while others may have only 2 or 3 depending on the images being used during the design process.  By maintaining this 2.5 per page guideline, it gives us proper flexibility to have a much higher quality album design, and use more important images as full page spreads when needed, rather than trying to jam as many photos possible into the album, and having a cluttered and unprofessional result.  (20 page albums generally yield 45-50 images, whereas a 40 page album would in the 65-75 image range).  Each album is different in the number of pages it will allow, thus offering different options based on your selection.

Q. What is the cost to have an album designed & built?
A: We offer all different types of albums that fall within various price ranges and budgets.  All album purchases come with a complimentary album design as well as 2 free edit sessions to make any adjustments to the initial design if needed (edit sessions are quick and easy and can be easily emailed for immediate edits).  We do offer package discounts for multiple album projects or album sets, and additional pricing info can be found on our pricing page.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We conveniently accept all forms of payment such as cash, checks, or debit/credit cards.  We are also happy to set up flexible payment plans for those needing them, and to ensure you get that album you've always wanted!

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