CJGraphy :: Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm using a Windows machine. How do I FTP images to you?
    • Windows comes with a built-in FTP client. Below are instructions for connecting your Windows machine to our FTP server:
      1. Double-click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. A new window should appear.
      2. In the Address bar of the window, it should say "My Computer"
      3. Highlight the "My Computer" text and replace it with "ftp://username@ftp.cjgraphy.com"
      4. A new window should open up, asking for a user name and password. Enter the username and password shown on our pricelist.
      5. You will now see folders on our FTP server. Create a folder for your studio and you can start uploading your images!
  • I'm using a Macintosh machine. How do I FTP images to you?
    • Macintosh users require a 3rd-party FTP client application in order to FTP images to us. One popular free FTP client is CyberDuck. You can click here to download it.
    • Once you have installed an FTP client, simply open a connection to your FTP server by specifying the FTP server address, username and password. These are given to you on our pricelist document.

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